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A Quarterly Newsletter by Community Medical Care, Inc.

Taking Care Of Barren County

A Voluntary, Non-Profit Program, Helping Seniors
& Working Low-Income Residents of Barren County.

Volunteer of the Year
Dr. Bharat Mody, Sean Wilkerson, Michael Hutchinson

CMC Volunteer of the Year award!

     Sean Wilkerson with Digitech Services put in so much time and effort on creating and maintaining the CMC web-site. This tool is a wonderful asset for our programs; so much information can be found on these pages. You can go to our web page & find links to our fundraisers, volunteers, or find out how to be eligible for our programs. Helpful sites can be linked to about programs such as Indigent Drug Sites & assistance with hearing aids or Family Practice Center. You can also see a video of Dr. Brent Wright & Dr. Bharat Mody talking about Community Medical Care. Thanks to Sean for taking the time to keep the site updated & helping our community.
      The other recipient of the Volunteer of the Year is Michael Hutchinson with Highland Computer Services. He has volunteered to keep our computers up and running. He has given of his time and expertise to help benefit the community & we appreciate him.

     We know people don’t volunteer for recognition. But it’s nice to be able say thanks to the ones that normally wouldn’t be seen by the public. The lives that are touched and helped are enough reward for us all. Everyone & anyone that is involved with any community program deserve a volunteer of the year award.
     We have so many agencies’ that do well in our community. The CMC programs have so many volunteer doctors, dentist, optometrist, pharmacies, chiropractors, surgeons, specialist, anesthesiologists, radiologists, hearing aid provider, office help & hospital that either donate completely or give a discount for Barren County’s working, uninsured & our seniors. You all know who you are, so thank you for caring enough to give your time & talent to someone needing a helping hand. You all deserve the Good Samaritan Award for making a huge difference! Much can be done, when no one is concerned about who gets the credit!


Krissie Coe Fields talks about the importance of Community Medical Care in our community. Dr. Mody reflects on the past 8 years for CMC. Several new faces were in attendance at our 8th annual Appreciation/Business after Hours. Old and new friends were enjoyed by all.

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